In an emergency, please contact:

  *   Your Local GP
  *   UCHG Emergency Department 091 544556
  *   Samaritans 116 123 (freephone 24/7)
  *   Pieta House help line 1800 247 247 (freephone 24/7)
  *   Crisis Text Line - Text NUIG 50808 (free-text 24/7)
  *   The Student Health Unit 091 492604 (Phone for out of hours details)

We are continuing to provide online counselling to all our students during Covid-19. Our facility to see students face to face is limited and will only take place under exceptional circumstances. 

If you would like to set up an appointment please email: Please use your nuigalway email address for all contact with us. 

This website also contains a list of useful online resources self-help which can be accessed at anytime. 

 The Centre for Clinical Interventions offers an abundant source of online information and support in relation to various psychological challenges. Please follow the link below